About The Movie Map

The Schoolhouse from The Birds (1963)The Movie Map was established in 2008 as a depository of Film Locations which users and movie fans, like us, can contribute to.

We aim to be a precise as we can when plotting our movie locations, making sure to publish genuine locations that pin-point the very spot that filming took place or as close as we can. That way if you visit a location on TheMovieMap you can be sure you're in the right place.

Where the BMW Explodes in Mission Impossible (1996)

Where possible we like to visit and photograph the locations on TheMovieMap (we're geeks for film locations!) but that's not always possible which is where you come in! Users of TheMovieMap can submit the locations they know about using our submissions page and also send us a photograph of the location (being sure to only send photos you have copyright over).

The locations that are submitted to TheMovieMap are double-checked to try to ensure they are genuine and as accurate as possible and when the location is added to the map the contributor is notified by email.

So why not explore TheMovieMap and see what movies have been filmed near your home or near where you're planning to visit or submit the locations you know about in your town?

Also if you're out-and-about and find a location to submit or want to know what films have been shot nearby you can download TheMovieMap iPhone App.